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Are you ready for auto-enrolment?

Every business with employees needs to know about auto-enrolment.

If you're a small or medium-sized business which employs staff over a certain age and salary level, you need to be preparing now to provide a pension scheme for them. 

'Auto-enrolment' simply means the employee will automatically join your scheme, unless they choose not to.  

Both your business and your employees will need to pay into the pension scheme.  

The sooner you start to plan, the better your business will be prepared.  And the good news is, we're here to help you


Everything you need to know, simply and concisely.

We're working with businesses right now who are putting plans in place to ensure they comply with the regulations in time for their staging date.  There are heavy financial penalties for those who fail to comply.

This site is packed full of information and tips based on our experience, to help your business make an informed decision about what you should do.

Don't end up at the back of the queue.

The longer you leave it, the more likely you are to end up with a pension scheme that costs your business more, and gives your employees less.

It can take as long as 9 months to put a pension scheme in place - so start planning now. Pension providers and financial advisers are going to become busier as the months go by, and may be too busy to help you if you leave it too late.

We're now reserving appointments with businesses months ahead, so they can make sure they keep their options open and don't miss out. 

Contact us now to book your appointment and ensure we reserve time to help you. >>

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